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Commercial Plumbing Repairs and Installations

For commercial businesses like restaurants, hotels, hair salons, retail spaces and apartment buildings, it is very important to have properly functioning plumbing.  Commercial plumbing problems can put your customer’s experience at risk and cut into profits. Backed up drains or failed water heaters can bring kitchen operations to a halt. Water main failures at an apartment complex can leave hundreds of tenants without water. A major water leak in a retail store can have the doors closed for days.

It is important for a commercial business to have a plumber they can count on to be there when they need them and to get the plumbing repairs fixed fast. Make sure the commercial plumbing company your business contracts has the proper equipment and knowledgeable commercial plumbing experts. Plumbers  that are well versed in drain cleaning and drain jetting, commercial water heater installation, multi-story plumbing, leak detection and repair, backflow prevention, and will attend to your plumbing needs with the level of importance deserved.

Furthermore, always do some research and find the best local plumbing company to get the job done right. Make sure the plumbing company is fully licensed, insured, and provides guarantees and warranties for the commercial plumbing repairs. Once you have built that relationship be sure to have regularly scheduled maintenance appointments to prevent major plumbing issues. This can help to find problems before they impact your business or patrons, and avoid the costs incurred from repeated emergency calls.

Commercial Plumbers – Commercial Kitchen Operations

This three compartment sink installation was for an expanding kitchen in a successful Tampa restaurant.  Copper pipe was used for the hot and cold water supply lines. Schedule 40 PVC was used to tie into the existing drain lines.  In addition, the customer requested that a simple hose bibb be installed to aid in cleaning at the end of the night.

Tampa Commercial Plumbing - Sink and Copper Piping

Commercial Plumbers – Commercial Water Heaters

Below is a commercial  grade, 80 gallon, natural gas water heater installation at a Tampa Taco Bell restaurant.  This install also included an expansion tank.  Expansion tanks help to alleviate abrupt changes in water pressure. Since water volume expands as it is heated, the increase in pressure can cause damage to piping and fixtures. Commercial plumbing installations like water heaters require that permits be applied for, and inspections be completed by the local building department to insure the  installation meets all current code requirements.

Tampa Commercial Plumbing - Commercial Water Heater

While this is a residential class water heater, it was installed in a small assisted living facility. This installation also included an expansion tank, recirculating pump, and thermometers. The addition of a recirculating pump keeps hot water in the supply pipes at all times. This will therefore reduce the amount of time for hot water to reach the fixtures. Another benefit is saving significant amounts of water waiting for the cold water to purge from the supply lines. As mentioned above the expansion tank helps to maintain consistent water pressure. The thermometers were added so the staff could accurately monitor the water temperature. In this instance, the hot water heater accessories were put in place so the elderly residents would not be susceptible to scalding from the plumbing  fixtures.

Tampa Commercial Plumbing - Water Heater

Commercial Plumbers –  Water Main Repair

Here is an example of a water main repair for one of our Tampa commercial plumbing customers.  This was a main water supply for a large apartment complex. A major leak was occurring. Consequently, tenants were losing water pressure and there was water pooling in an area of the complex.  It was necessary to excavate several feet down to reveal the problem area.  Once excavated the water and mud had to be pumped out so the repair could be made. The repair was made by replacing the pipe and affecting the repair with mechanical fittings. This problem was caused by the large oak tree that was directly over the water main. As a result,  large roots had grown around the pipe and crushed a portion of the pipe.

Tampa Commercial Plumbing - Water Main

Tampa Commercial Plumbing - Water Mains

Tampa Commercial Plumbing - Water Main Repair

That is all for now. Just some advice about choosing a commercial plumber and some examples of commercial plumbing installations and repairs. In conclusion, if you own or manage a retail business, apartment complex, restaurant, bar, or cafe, be sure to build a relationship with a local plumber.  You never know when a plumbing emergency can happen.

Who’s Got Plumbing??? We all do! See ya soon.

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