CPVC Pipe – Benefits in Water Re-Piping


Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride or CPVC pipes are one of the most common materials for water delivery systems in construction today. When the plumbing materials used in the original construction of homes or businesses begin to need repeated leak repairs, exhibit water pressure issues, have rust colored water, or foul smelling water coming from the taps, they have reached the end of their service life. Re-Piping the water lines in your home or business with CPVC pipe is the most cost effective and long lasting solution.

Advantages of Installing CPVC Pipe

CPVC Pipe - Advantages in Water Re-piping

  • Self Insulating with nearly no condensation
  • Pipes and fittings will not rust
  • Prohibits scale build-up inside the pipe
  • Inhibits growth of bacteria inside pipes
  • Light-weight and easy to install or modify
  • Extended service lifespan
  • Quieter flow through and less “water hammers”
  • Resilient to poor water conditions and acidic soils

Re-piping using CPVC pipe is an ideal option for the Tampa Bay area. It is resistant to the affects of the saltier air, and can even be installed directly under concrete slabs with no adverse chemical interactions with the concrete. When installed professionally with the proper CPVC pipe primer and cement, you can be assured of  leak free joints and fittings. Copper piping has a life span of approximately 50 years and galvanized pipe has a lifespan of 20-50 years, both depending on water quality, installation location, and climate.

If your home or business has reached that threshold and you have experienced the symptoms mentioned above, you may want to consider re-piping. Make sure you hire a licensed, insured, reputable plumbing company that only uses quality Schedule 40 CPVC pipe, and applies for the proper plumbing permits and inspections. Do your research, read customer reviews, and choose an experienced plumber who will walk you through the re-pipe process.

Who’s Got Plumbing??? We all do! See ya soon.


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CPVC Pipe - Benefits in Water Re-Piping
The causes of needing a water re-pipe and the benefits of using CPVC Pipe
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One thought on “CPVC Pipe – Benefits in Water Re-Piping

  1. Sherry Gajos

    I really like what you said about how CPVC pipe is self-insulating with nearly no condensation and won’t rust. My house is older and I want to update my piping, maybe to copper or other types to protect my home. Thank you for the information about how CPVC inhibits bacteria growth inside the pipes, which is important since I have kids and don’t want them sick.


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