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Sewer Replacements and Drain Repairs

Sewer and  drain repair are probably the most labor intensive and costly plumbing repairs. Repeatedly clogged or over flowing toilets, clogged kitchen drains, slow draining water in a shower or tub, and main sewer line stoppages are all bad signs. Consequently, you may need sewer and drain repair completed in the very near future. Below are some pictures and explanations of recent sewer and drain repair jobs completed by our plumbers in Tampa Bay.

Sewer and Drain Repair – Toilet Drain Repair

The home of a South Tampa plumbing customer was experiencing frequent toilet back-ups. Even though they had the drains and sewer lines replaced several years ago there was still a problem. After repeated calls to a plumber for the same problem the toilet finally would not flush at all. Upon cabling the drain and performing a video inspection the problem was apparent. Our sewer and drain repair specialists discovered that severe root intrusion had occurred. Due to improper installation,  water and waste was collecting in portions of the drain line, and leakage from the joints was occurring. As a result, it was a perfect condition for roots to thrive.

Our Tampa plumbers had to jack hammer the concrete floor, and dig down to expose the failed drain. The old failed pipe, riser, and toilet flange were cut and removed. This allowed for the reconfiguration and proper installation of SCH 40 PVC. The new piping was connected to existing drain lines in accordance with all local plumbing codes. A new PVC closet flange was installed in preparation for back fill of dirt, concrete, and tile replacement.

Sewer and Drain Repair - Toilet Drain Repair


Sewer and Drain Repair – Cast Iron Spot Repair

This West Tampa plumbing customer was experiencing frequent drain back ups in their home. After clearing the drain clog a video inspection of the drain line was performed. The issue was diagnosed as a badly degraded cast iron fitting with significant dirt and debris in the lines. After locating the issue and digging up the pipe it was revealed that there was a hole in the top of a cast iron fitting.  Although they were older cast iron drain lines, no major sewer and drain repair was needed since they were still in usable condition. While a complete replacement would have been the long term solution, the customer chose a spot repair. The drain line from a former garage was eliminated and a schedule 40 PVC spot repair was made.

Sewer and Drain Repair - Cast Iron Spot Repair

Sewer and Drain Repair - Cast Iron Spot Repairs

Sewer and Drain Repair - Cast Iron Spot Repair - SCH 40 PVC

Sewer and Drain Repair – SDR 35 Thin Wall PVC Sewer Replacement

Here we have a prime example of home builders saving a little money on construction costs, causing home owners substantial drain repair bills in the future. This Brandon, FL plumbing customer was experiencing major sewer line back ups with several calls to plumbing companies that charged them to partially clear the drain clog with out completing a video inspection.

After our Brandon plumbers were called for the same issue, a video camera inspection was performed and revealed that the home builder used thin-wall SDR 35 PVC pipe for the sewer installation which had allowed for severe root intrusion. SDR 35 pipe is much more susceptible to bellies in the line and especially root intrusion than SCH 40 PVC.  This weaker thin-walled pipe was placed very near trees and shrubbery whose roots can easily penetrate this type of pipe. Our Brandon plumbers removed the cheaper, thin walled, SDR 35 sewer pipe and replaced it with thicker, higher quality SCH 40 PVC from the house to the city tap and installed a clean out.

Sewer and Drain Repair - Sewer Replacement - Brandon Plumbers

Sewer and Drain Repair - Thin-Wall PVC - Brandon Plumbers

Sewer and Drain Repair - SCH 40 PVC - Brandon Plumbers

Sewer and Drain Repair – Cast Iron Sewer Replacement

Below is an example of a complete house to city sewer tap, cast iron sewer line replacement performed for a Tampa plumbing customer.  The cast iron was badly degraded with excessive rust build up, bellies in the line, and several holes allowing for root intrusion.  The lines had to be accurately located using the camera and location device to avoid unnecessary removal of paving stones and landscaping.  All the proper plumbing permits were applied for and plumbing inspections were scheduled. After removing the old cast iron our Tampa plumbers prepared the trench for the proper bedding and sloping of the new SCH 40 4″ PVC sewer pipe.  Several clean outs were installed to facilitate the ease of clearing any future drain clogs.

Sewer and Drain Repair - Cast Iron - Tampa Plumbing

Sewer and Drain Repair - Tampa Plumbing

Sewer and Drain Repair - SCH 40 PVC Sewer Repair - Tampa Plumbing

So that’s it for now. Some information on sewer & drain repair performed by our Tampa plumbers. If you are experiencing issues with your toilet drains, kitchen drains, or main sewer lines. Be sure to always hire a licensed local plumber that you have researched and know you can trust.  Read more here about the 8 simple things to look for when choosing the best plumber near you.

Who’s Got Plumbing??? We all do! See ya soon.

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