Flood Prevention – Plumbing Technology

Flood Prevention Technology

Flood Prevention - Plumbing Technology

Automatic Flood Prevention Shut Off Valve

Flood damage to a home or business is  very costly and disruptive.  Troublesome insurance claims, hiring a dry-out service, repairing damaged walls, preventing mold growth, and various other inconveniences. Avoiding these hassles with the flood prevention technology available on the market can help in a major way.

According to many insurance company websites the #1 insurance claim for nearly all of the zip codes in the Tampa Bay area is “sudden and accidental damage caused by a water source. This includes broken pipes or drain failures”.

Up to 250 gallons of water per day can be released from a pipe leak with only a 1/8 inch crack. That is a lot of water and a lot of damage from such a seemingly small problem. Just imagine how much water could rush into your property if one of your water heater supply lines fails, or a supply hose to your  toilet bursts.

Types of Flood Prevention Devices

Alerting a property owner to a water leak can take several forms.  Some are individual alarms and shutoff valves for each appliances or fixture.  These are effective, but can be costly to install and maintain to protect your entire home or business.  Another type are individual flood prevention sensors placed around possible leak sources that sound an alarm when excess water is detected. These are also effective but someone has to be around to hear the alarm. They also require  the knowledge to address the issue promptly and properly.

The best in flood prevention technology are leak detection sensors coupled with an automatic shutoff valve. These units are installed on the incoming water supply line adjacent to the manual shut-off valve. Place the sensors near possible leak sources such as washing machines, sinks, water heaters, toilets, dish washers, refrigerators, as well as various water supply valves. When the flood prevention sensor detects excess water it sends a wireless signal to the shut off valve which in turn shuts off the water automatically.  This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and hassles. Two popular brands are WaterCop and FloodMaster.

In conclusion, if you have an interst in this type of system for your home or business; contact a licensed local plumber for more information. Also, check with your insurance provider as they may offer policy discounts for properties with flood prevention systems installed. These discounts can offset the cost of installation.

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Flood Prevention - Plumbing Technology
Flood damage to a home or business is very costly. Flood prevention technology is a way to avoid these types of issues.
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