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Kitchen Plumbing Repairs and Installations

Depending on who you ask, the kitchen is most often named as the most important room in the house. Properly functioning kitchen plumbing and having the conveniences of a garbage disposal, dishwasher, and a water filtration system can make cooking healthier and cleaning up a breeze. If you have a stopped up kitchen sink or are in  need of any kitchen plumbing repairs, always do some research and find the best local plumbing company to get the job done right. Kitchen sink and faucet installations, garbage disposals, ice maker water supply lines, and dishwashers can be more complicated than you may think to repair or install. Make sure to hire a plumbing company that is fully licensed, insured, and stands behind their work with guarantees and warranties.

Kitchen Plumbing – Faucet Repair & Installation

A St. Petersburg plumbing customer wanted to replace their older kitchen faucet with a new Moen Kitchen faucet with the addition of a soap dispenser and a filtered water dispenser.  With regular maintenance and taking into account water quality, high quality kitchen faucets can last up to 20 years.

Kitchen Plumbing - Kohler Kitchen Faucet Install - Tampa Plumbers

Kitchen Plumbing – Clogged Kitchen Sink

A clogged kitchen sink can bring the cooking and cleaning in your home to a standstill. Grease, sludge build up, and food particles  can cause persistent clogs and require professional drain cleaning. Always use strainers in your sink drains to catch food and waste and follow the instruction on the proper use and maintenance of your garbage disposal.  Below is an example of a severely clogged kitchen drain line from one of our Tampa plumbing customers. This was a cast iron drain line that was quite old and needed to be replaced.

Kitchen Plumbing - Drain Cleaning - Tampa Plumbers

Kitchen Plumbing – Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

Below is 3/4 horsepower Badger 5 Insinkerator garbage disposal that was installed for one of our Wesley Chapel plumbing customers while the kitchen sink was being re-plumbed. A properly used garbage disposal can help reduce the amount of food waste in your trash and can assist in controlling unpleasant odors in your kitchen.

Tampa Plumbing - Garbage Disposal Installation

Kitchen Plumbing – Water Filtration Installation

More and more of our Tampa plumbing customers have been asking about water filtration systems and their benefits. Water filters provide healthier drinking water through the removal of organic contaminants, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals. Whole house water filters can extend the life of your plumbing as it helps to inhibit pipe corrosion and can also lengthen the service life of kitchen faucets, dishwashers, and ice makers.

Tampa Plumbing - Water Softener Installation

Kitchen Plumbing – Dishwasher installation

A dishwasher is a convenience that many homes just can’t live with out. Good quality dishwashers can last over 10 years if installed by a professional plumber and is properly maintained.  A dishwasher can be slightly harder to install than it may seem.  Connecting the drain the  line properly to the drain pipes under your sink or to the garbage disposal can be tricky. Improper connection of the dishwashers drain hose can lead to leaks and water backing up into the kitchen sink or the dishwasher itself.  Research the best brand an model dishwasher to fit your needs and have it installed by a licensed professional plumber.

Kitchen Plumbing - Dishwasher Installation - Tampa Plumbers

So that’s it for now. A little information to get you started if you are experiencing issues with your kitchen plumbing or are looking to modernize the look of your kitchen by  upgrading your fixtures.

Who’s Got Plumbing??? We all do! See ya soon.

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