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Plumbing Permits – The Legal Side of Plumbing

Why Pull Plumbing Permits?

Just spent the better part of the morning and afternoon pulling plumbing permits for some of our upcoming jobs in the Tampa and the Brandon areas. Plumbing projects like home re-pipes, drain replacements, sewer line replacements, and water heater installations require plumbing permits.  Most of all, the municipalities require them  to protect the consumer.

Plumbing Permits

Natural Gas Rheem Water Heater 

If you contract an unlicensed handyman to complete these types of plumbing jobs for you it can cost you. Code enforcement fines, hours of your time, thousands of dollars to repair shoddy workmanship, and out-of-compliance repair can result. In addition, worker injury and damage claims become the property owners responsibility. Lawsuits are always a possibility if unlicensed contractor accidents occurs on your property.

Rather than taking the chance, the plumber you hire should be licensed, insured, and bonded. They will have the ability to handle all of the permitting and inspections required by your local city, county, or municipality. Furthermore, this will alleviate your responsibility for worker injury. Licensed plumbing companies are required to carry workers compensation insurance. While pulling the proper plumbing permits may cost a couple extra dollars and some time at the permitting office. Consumers will have the peace of mind they deserve when hiring a service provider and investing hard earned money in a home’s plumbing  system.

Professional Plumbing Repairs

If you are looking to complete some major plumbing upgrades or repairs make sure to always hire a licensed, insured and bonded plumbing company. They will have experienced plumbers that are trained to comply with all local building codes. For absolutely professional plumbing work, whether it be sewer repair, home re-pipe, 24/7 emergency plumbing services, or just day-to-day plumbing maintenance contact a fully licensed local plumber.

Finally, more information on the permitting and inspection process, read our post on the plumbing service permitting process.

Who’s Got Plumbing??? We all do! See ya soon. 

High Water Bills – Why is My Water Bill so High?

High Water Bills Can be the First Sign of Plumbing Problems

High Water Bills - Water MeterHave you been getting seemingly high water bills lately? It could be a sign of an undetected pipe leak or issues with the faucets, toilets, and valves in your home. Being aware of your water usage is good way to monitor the health of your water supply pipes and fixtures. A high water bill is often the first sign that you have a plumbing problem.

Unusually high water bills are almost always an indication of  undetected leaks in your water supply pipes, dripping faucets, or toilets that are slowly but constantly running. In addition, homes with concrete slabs may have pipes leaking under the foundation. Since, this can erode away the sub structure and cause extensive damage it should be addressed immediately.

Older properties with copper or galvanized steel pipes are especially susceptible to corrosion and failure. There are many instances where property owners have had this problem. They lose hundreds of thousands of gallons of water beneath the slab and don’t know it. As a result they receive a water bill in excess of $1000. The local water departments rarely have mercy in these cases.

Plumbing Inspections & Repairs

If you suspect you may have a leak contact a licensed plumber to diagnose the issue. They can inspect your plumbing for obvious signs of failure. They can also pinpoint hidden leaks using ultra-sonic leak detection devices. After discovering the source of the leak the plumber can best advise on the method of repair. Based on the age and type of pipe,  a whole water house re-pipe may be recommended.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to have a plumber inspect your home every couple years. This will help avoid problems that may cause costly damage to your home. Upon inspection the plumber will check the condition of your water supply pipes, drains, water heater, valves, and faucets. For a complete inspection they can also check the condition of your sewer lines via video inspection. Like they say: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Remember to always hire a licensed, insured, and bonded plumber to have the peace of mind and guarantees your local “handy man” will not be able to provide.

Who’s Got Plumbing??? We all do! See ya soon.